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Yellowstone Furniture Collection

Whether you’re a fan of the television series Yellowstone or are already in love with rustic furniture, Carpet Weaver’s Flooring and Furniture Gallery is pleased to announce that three locations are now carrying the Dutton line of the Yellowstone Furniture Collection.

Rustic Furniture: a Piece of History

Owning a Dutton piece of furniture means owning a piece of American history. Proudly made in Illinois of Midwest wood, this collection is truly craftsmanship at its finest. The Yellowstone Dutton Furniture Collection features end tables, beds, dining tables, nightstands, and more. Contact one of these three Carpet Weaver’s stores for more information:

Yellowstone Furniture selection on display varies by store. All Carpet Weaver locations have access to the catalog and can order for you.

Dutton Collection

Dutton in the Yellowstone Collection showcases the raw beauty of reclaimed lumber. The naturally textured wood used in these pieces has withstood the test of time for 150+ years and continues to live on through the furniture. Not only are these pieces unique in design but each board, with nail holes and other imperfections, has a history and story to tell. From the ranchers that have walked in and out of its former structures, to the skilled craftsmen that have created it into timeless furniture, this wood has and continues to make the American dream possible.

See these rustic furniture pieces for yourself in Carpet Weaver’s Bloomington, East Peoria, and Springfield (South) locations. Selection of display furniture varies by store but all stores can order for you!

Yellowstone Furniture shown in Carpet Weaver's Showroom

How to Decorate Your House Like Yellowstone

Picturing yourself living on the Dutton’s ranch-style estate? Bring some rustic, nostalgic charm to your space with key features such as wood beams, stone accents, and vintage pieces for a ranch-inspired interior. Complement your natural foundations with warm tones and western decor to feel like you’re really living in the Wild West! 

As for decor, bold light fixtures are a key staple piece to enhance the design of your space. Light sources with antler features create the perfect Western feel against dark, rich wood. They also highlight western art very well, as the light casted on the artwork brings them to life. Like antlers, discover other ways to incorporate animals into your decor, such as three-dimensional faux animal decor, creating depth and form throughout the room. 

To pull the Yellowstone aesthetic together, leather furniture is a must. A classic rustic texture that is durable and Dutton approved, it’s a staple piece to an office, living room, or bedroom. In combination with our Dutton line of the Yellowstone Furniture Collection, the naturally textured wood in the collection pieces will bring the western scene to life.

Bring the Yellowstone Aesthetic into Your Space

Our Carpet Weaver’s locations in Bloomington, East Peoria, and Springfield (South) feature furniture on display of this beautiful line of end tables, beds, dining tables, nightstands, and more to complete your rustic space! Our flooring and furniture experts are ready to help you select the right pieces for your Yellowstone aesthetic.

The ultimate touch of the Yellowstone aesthetic in your home would be to introduce hardwood or laminate flooring into your rooms.

Yellowstone Furniture Round Dining Table and Chairs

Yellowstone Furniture selection on display varies by store. All Carpet Weaver locations have access to the catalog and can order for you. Production takes about 6-8 weeks as each piece is made especially for you, even with some customization opportunities!

Coffee Table in Yellowstone Furniture Collection
Rustic Bed - Yellowstone Furniture