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Quality Carpet

Wall-to-wall carpet is an ideal choice for rooms where you want a feeling of warmth and soft comfort underfoot. Choosing the best carpet for your home is about knowing the right combination of style, performance, and budget to best meet the needs of your family’s lifestyle. Our extensive selection of quality carpet features the highest levels of performance and today’s best technologies.

We offer some of the industry’s best carpet brands, like Mohawk Carpet, including SmartStrand Forever Clean. Click on a brand logo below to browse more carpets online:

Shaw • Abbey's Road • Fairy Wings
Mohawk • Exquisite Image • Lighthouse View
Shaw • Take Shape • Sort • Pleat
Shaw • Lead The Way • Snowfall
Karastan • Delicate Path • Mountain Mist
Karastan • Natural Diversion • Canvas
Stanton • Brick Lane • Serenity
Karastan • Peaceful Quality • Basketweave
Shaw • Ming • Early Snow
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Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

We invite you to fall in love with wall-to-wall carpet all over again. Recent interior design trends are featuring carpeting more and more, especially in bedrooms and basements where we are all looking for cozy comfort. There’s nothing better than soft, warm carpet under your feet. Even in high-traffic areas like living rooms and hallways, carpet is having a comeback. Noise reduction and new stain-resistant technologies are making carpet better than ever. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about which carpet or floor is right for you.

The Best Carpet for Pets

Our favorite pet-friendly carpet brands are SmartStrand Forever Clean by Mohawk and Pet-Perfect by Shaw. Enjoy the cleanliness and long-lasting beauty of these ultra-durable and easy-to-clean carpets with warranties that cover pet stains. Yes, we carry the best carpet for pets. You can confidently decorate in pale colors and white again!

And bonus: stain-resistant fibers make these carpets kid-friendly, too. As any mom with a glass of red wine knows, we’re all kids at heart.

Eco-Friendly Wool Carpet

In addition to the latest technology in carpet fibers, we are also proud to carry a traditional, natural fiber: wool. Environmentally friendly wool carpet is soft, beautiful, and naturally fire resistant. With many wool and wool-blend carpets to choose from, Karastan carpet has been renowned for exquisite beauty, quality, and resilience since the 1920s and continues to be an innovator along with Godfrey Hirst, a brand that also offers exquisite wool carpet and wool-blends.

Carpet Weaver’s Flooring has got you covered with our wide selection of carpet styles and price points. Whether you’re moving into your first home and need to upgrade the carpet quickly or you’re decorating your dream home with an astute eye toward interior design, you can depend on us. We’ve been locally owned and serving Central Illinois since 1988 and would really like to earn your business at one of our ten convenient locations.

Berber Carpet

One of the most popular styles is berber. Berber carpet is a loop carpet that is low maintenance and very affordable. It doesn’t show footprints, so it’s perfect for high-traffic areas, especially basements. Carpet Weaver’s carries a huge selection of loop style carpets like berber in the newest colors and patterns.

Patterned Carpet

If you’re searching for something dramatic for your foyer, hallway, or living room, patterned and textured carpet styles are just waiting for you to discover them! We’re especially in love with the Anderson Tuftex stair carpet collection, which features looks and colors from neutral to bold. (FYI, these styles are for more than simply stairs!) We’ve also been filling our inspiration boards with the geometric designs of Mohawk patterned carpets.

As experts in flooring, the people at Carpet Weaver’s are with you from start to finish on every project. We can assist in every aspect of your purchase – design, measuring, scheduling, and all the way through installation.

Carpet Weaver’s Flooring carries an unbeatable selection of carpet, and all of our consultants welcome you to come to one of our convenient locations so we can show you how we’re flooring people!

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