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Beautiful Floors vs Pet Proof Flooring: Why Not Both?

Pet Friendly Carpet and Flooring

Carpet Weaver’s Pet-Proof Flooring

There’s no doubt we love our pets, and that’s why Carpet Weaver’s has expanded our selection of pet-friendly carpet and floors. In addition to our SmartStrand Forever Clean Carpet collection from Mohawk, we are now offering beautiful pet-friendly flooring from Shaw’s new Pet Perfect collection. Thanks to new technology, spills, scratches, and dents don’t stand a chance against our pet-proof flooring that is resistant to all types of unexpected incidents, including beverage spills and puppy mishaps. 

Built-In Stain Protection

Stain protection is key for maintaining beautiful floors. No dye sites exist in the carpet from Mohawk SmartStrand, therefore spills cannot stick to them and turn into stains. Your carpet remains simple to clean even if your pet has repeated accidents. Our great selection of Shaw’s Pet Perfect flooring was made with an active household in mind and is supported by a warranty against pet-urine stains as well as defense against fade, dirt, and wear.

water resistant flooring for pets


With SmartStrand Forever Clean, Pet spills won’t absorb into the material. Common pet-related odors are prevented and diminished by Smartstrand’s additional protection against moisture and liquid spills. Advanced nanoloc technology also fully encapsulates the fiber, making pet hair, dirt, and dander removal 3 times easier.

Environmentally Friendly

As sustainable design is becoming more popular in an effort to improve our environment, SmartStrand’s fiber is created in part from materials derived from renewable plant sources. This solution also makes it safe for you and your pet to inhale less harmful substances in the air.

Resilient Long-Lasting Floors

Our innovative products are truly made to last. All Shaw Pet Perfect styles are backed with a 20-year warranty. Mohawk offers  both hard and soft surface flooring that is backed by an All Pet Protection & Warranty.

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Several Options to Choose From

What’s great about our pet-friendly collections is that you now have an incredible selection of styles and colors to choose from. Not only can you choose our durable, soft carpet styles, we have an amazing selection of waterproof and stain-resistant hard surface flooring that is a perfect option for homes with pets. 

Are you ready to find the perfect floor that stands up to your four-legged friends? Our stunning displays of pet-proof flooring allow you to touch and feel beautiful options. With our expertise, our staff can help you with the design, delivery, and installation of carpet and flooring.

Visit our showroom today to find new pet proof carpet and hard surface flooring for your home.

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