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What to Consider When Choosing Flooring While You Are Aging

aging in place

As you age, your priorities will most likely change as well. The type of flooring you needed when you first moved into your home may not be the same flooring that fits your needs now. It’s important to evaluate your needs and be prepared to ask the right questions to your local experts in flooring.

Principles for Safe Flooring

Consider different characteristics of flooring, but there are also important design practices to think about as well. When you install new flooring, ensure there are few transitions across different types of flooring and that the new installation is smooth.  

There are five main factors to prioritize when choosing the best flooring for you: slip-resistance, ease of travel, cleaning and maintenance, comfort, and cushion.

Best Flooring Options

There are a few great flooring options Carpet Weaver’s offers that not only fit important safety criteria, but also focus on the type of flooring look you prefer for every living space in your home. 

vinyl plank flooring

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

One of the best flooring options to consider is luxury vinyl plank flooring. Luxury vinyl plank flooring like our COREtec Plus collection has grown in popularity over the past few years due to advanced technology emerging in the flooring industry. 

This type of luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, and it is also easy to clean. The engineered vinyl plank flooring looks and feels like hardwood floors. It has texture, so it’s slip resistant. And it is offered in a wide variety of colors and styles.  There are two general types of  luxury vinyl flooring when it comes to installation methodology: glue-down or floating (interlocking). Generally speaking, if wheelchairs will be used on the floor, glue-down flooring should be used as the planks are less likely to come apart due to the weight and torque of the wheels.

One of our top brands, COREtec Plus engineered vinyl plank flooring,  is very cost-effective. While it is more expensive than carpet, it is less expensive than other hard surface floorings like real hardwood floors. It can easily be installed on top of tile or concrete. And, COREtec has an attached cork pad and is softer and easier on joints than other types of hard surface like stone or porcelain tile.

carpet comfort

Wall to Wall Carpet

Another great and more affordable flooring option is wall-to-wall carpet. Our flooring experts do recommend shorter to mid pile carpet because it’s easier to traverse. It’s great for older generations who are more sensitive to cooler temperatures because the floors feel warm, and it is softer on feet and joints. 

Carpet will be less slippery which means it prevents falls, but it is more challenging to navigate with wheelchairs or walkers with wheels. It is also more difficult to keep clean and maintain as it may stain over time. You will want to choose a flooring option that is easy to clean and maintain. Keeping the floor clean and clear of debris eliminates obstacles that can also cause falls. 

And of course, it’s always a good decision to upgrade the carpet cushion for better absorption and insulation. 

transition different types of flooring

The Best Flooring for Different Living Spaces

While you will want to minimize transitions between different flooring types, you may choose to install different types of flooring for different rooms. The best option for kitchens and bathrooms is luxury vinyl plank flooring. And, then use rubber anti-fall mats in places that may get wet like near the kitchen sink and near bathtubs or showers.

Carpet will be a good option for your living room and bedrooms. It is best to avoid using area rugs to minimize surface transitions in high-traffic areas.

Another important traffic area in your home or apartment is to ensure your stairs have carpet (or a runner) to eliminate a potentially slippery surface. 

How Carpet Weavers Can Help  

Consult our team of flooring experts on senior-safe flooring. We encourage questions and want to ensure you install the best flooring option for the different living spaces in your home. Our goal is to educate you with the right tools and information to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Visit one of our Carpet Weaver’s locations near you today!

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