Dining Room

You’ll find the perfect combination of table, seating and cabinets in our collections. Gather the family in style and comfort.  Here are just a few examples our terrific selection.


Klaussner dining table Nashville

Klaussner Nashville Dining Table

Klaussner dining table Coming Home

Klaussner Coming Home Dining Table

Klaussner Waters Edge dining table

Klaussner Waters Edge Dining Table

Flexsteel Plymouth dining table

Flexstell Plymouth Dining Table


nashville dining chairs

Klaussner Nashville Dining Chairs

Klaussner Coming Home dining chairs

Klaussner Coming Home Dining Chairs

Klaussner Music City dining chairs

Klaussner Music City Dining Chairs

Klaussner Waters Edge dining chairs

Klaussner Waters Edge Dining Chairs

Flexsteel Dining Chair Plymouth

Flexsteel Plymouth Dining Chairs

Best Odell dining chairs

Best Odell Dining Chairs

Best Myer dining chairs

Best Myer Dining Chairs

Best Denai dining chairs

Best Denai Dining Chairs

Best Hazel dining chair

Best Hazel Dining Chairs

Best Nonte dining chairs

Best Nonte Dining Chairs

Best Chrisney dining chair

Best Chrisney Dining Chairs

Best Elie dining chair

Best Elie Dining Chairs


Cabinet Klaussner Coming Home

Klaussner Coming Home Cabinet

Klaussner Cabinet Music City

Klaussner Music City Cabinet