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What You Need to Know About Leather Furniture

leather furniture sectional

You may not know it, but Carpet Weaver’s sells leather furniture! Unfortunately, we have customers who visit who have had some negative purchasing experiences with leather furniture because salespeople at another store weren’t totally honest with them. But, at Carpet Weaver’s, we believe in complete transparency when shopping for furniture — especially leather furniture.

In our store, we offer two types of leather furniture including leather-vinyl match and leather vinyl split. 

Leather-Vinyl Match

One of the major drawbacks customers have from leather furniture comes from misunderstanding that leather is usually only used on the part of the couch you sit on — the seats, inside backs and inside arms. With leather-vinyl match furniture, genuine top grade leather is used on the seat and backrest (everywhere you touch). A vinyl match is then used on the sides and actual back of the product.  

While the match will be perfect when new, over time, the different materials age differently, but using leather for only half the sofa substantially reduces the retail price when compared to a sofa that is 100% leather.



leather furniture closeup detail

Leather-Vinyl Split

Split leather is often called genuine leather. Unfortunately, this is yet another misleading industry term. When people hear the genuine, they think: “Oh, well this must mean that it’s the real deal.” It is not. 

Split-grain leather is actually splitting the hide into two layers, the top being the more soft and subtle side, the bottom less. The top layer is used on the seat and backrest (everywhere you touch) and the under side of the hide on the sides and back of the product. Split-grain leather is more affordable, often has stylish embossing and can be made to look like top-grain for less money. 

Split-grain leather furniture is a top pick for households with kids and pets as its densely locked fibers help resist abrasion. 



Ask the Right Questions

You will know if something is genuine leather by looking at the back of a sofa. If there are seams, it is probably real leather. If there are no seams, it is not real leather as they wouldn’t be able to get a hide that large to stretch across. 

It’s important to be educated on the type of leather furniture you are investing in and know what questions to ask on how to properly maintain it. Make sure you ask one of our furniture sales experts about the best way to care for your type of leather furniture and what is the expected time period it will last.

leather furniture room scene

How Carpet Weaver’s Can Help

It’s important to ask an expert the right questions when purchasing leather furniture. Our knowledgeable experts will help you understand which option you are looking for in leather furniture as well as answer any care and maintenance questions you may have. But most importantly, we will help you determine the right leather furniture for your space and needs. 

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