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What You Need to Know About Leather Furniture

leather furniture sectional

What’s stylish, durable, comfortable, and improves with age? Leather furniture! If you’re looking to invest in furniture pieces for your home with sustainable, yet chic material, leather is the solution for you. At Carpet Weaver’s, we offer two types of leather furniture, including leather-vinyl match and leather vinyl split. Our selection of sofas, recliners, and more from Flexsteel, Barcalounger, and Best Home Furnishings, are perfect, timeless additions to your space. 

Leather furniture is known for its durability, luxurious feel, and timeless appeal, but understanding the different types of leather our furniture showrooms carry, care requirements, and other considerations for your next sofa or recliner is crucial for a satisfactory purchase. Our furniture experts are always here to help answer all of your questions about the best way to care for your type of leather furniture, ensuring it will last through all of life’s accidents. 

Benefits of Leather Furniture

Elevated Aesthetic and Appearance

Leather furniture exudes a certain kind of elegance within a space that other furniture fabrics lack. They are versatile enough to be the focal point of various design schemes, whether channeling a rustic or modern vibe. 

Easy Care & Durability

Although leather furniture is more expensive than other fabrics, take into consideration that leather furniture lasts as long as three fabric sofas, with leather being four times more durable than fabric. 

Leather is easy to clean and maintain, only requiring a wipe down a few times a year. Manufacturers can also treat leather to be water or spill resistant, simplifying your cleaning routine! Keep in mind, some leather sofas and furniture pieces might require special cleaners to prevent drying and cracking.   

Types of Leather Furniture at Carpet Weaver’s

Leather-Vinyl Match

One of the major drawbacks customers have from leather furniture comes from misunderstanding that leather is usually only used on the part of the couch you sit on — the seats, inside backs, and inside arms. If you want the look of real leather without the price tag, consider leather-vinyl match! With leather-vinyl match furniture, genuine top grade leather is used on the seat, backrest, and everywhere you touch with a vinyl match used on the sides and actual back of the product.  

While the match will be perfect when new, over time, the different materials age differently, but using leather for only half the sofa substantially reduces the retail price when compared to a sofa that is 100% leather.

leather furniture closeup detail

Leather-Vinyl Split

Split leather is often called genuine leather. Unfortunately, this is yet another misleading industry term. It is important to note that genuine leather is not real leather

Split-grain leather is made from the fibrous part of the hide once the top hide has been separated from the raw hide. This kind of leather has a rougher “fuzzy” texture, giving a suede-like finish. The top layer is used on the seat and backrest with the underside of the hide on the sides and back. Split-grain leather is more affordable, often has stylish embossing and can be made to look like top-grain for less money. 

Split-grain leather furniture is a top pick for households with kids and pets as its densely locked fibers help resist abrasion. 

leather furniture room scene

Begin Your Leather Furniture Obsession with Carpet Weaver’s

There’s nothing like the classic look of leather furniture, but it’s important to ask our furniture experts the right questions before investing in a sofa or recliner to complete your space. Our knowledgeable teams at all of our showrooms will help you understand which option is the best for your home while providing the best tips on maintenance and care.Are you ready to learn more about the leather furniture we offer in our store? Visit Us Today!

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