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Lift Chair Recliners: Furniture with Function

Flexsteel Big and Tall Power Lift Chair Recliner with Grandparent and Child

When selecting furniture, function is as important as style. Power lift chair recliners are the definition of “furniture with function,” providing warmth, comfort, and endless support. These chairs are great for people with chronic pain, circulation issues, anyone of elderly age, or people needing assistance sitting in or exiting a chair. According to Web MD, “Lift chairs help older people (or those recovering from surgery) with poor mobility to safely rise to a standing position. These chairs are also useful for people with severe hip or knee arthritis…and can also improve posture.” Lift chairs are also Medicare eligible!

Lift Chair Recliner Features

With a lift chair, you have access to endless uplifting comfort. Designed to stay comfortable all day and all night, each recliner provides relaxation with ease, including a handheld wand with massage, heating, and cooling features. Every recliner is built to meet the industry-leading construction standards and put through rigorous quality inspection for the art of better seating!

Types of Power Lift Recliners

Power lift recliners come in all different types to meet a range of reclining options. With the options of 2 Motor and 1 Motor, there’s variety to find your perfect fit. The dual motor lift recliner features two motors that allow for great lifting power but also a range of reclining options, accommodating for various weights and heights. With extra durability and comfort, it provides a near lay-flat mechanism! 

The single motor lift recliner features a strong and reliable motor that operates both the reclining and lift functions. These power lift recliners save space without sacrificing quality as it can be placed as close as 3” from the wall.

Lift Chair Recliner Sizes

Lift chairs accommodate to your height and weight so that you can relax with ease. With the petite, medium, and large options, you are able to select which option will comfortably seat you. Check out our infographic below!

Our Favorite Lift Chair Brands

Lift your standards by elevating your way of relaxing. At Carpet Weaver’s, we carry power lift chairs from Best Home Furnishings, power lift recliners from Flexsteel, and Lux Lift recliners from Barcalounger. All in a variety of colors and fabrics. Ready to reach a new level of comfort and ease? Contact us or visit one of our showrooms. Our experts are ready to help you with your flooring and furniture needs!


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