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How to Sell Your Home Faster


Are you getting ready to sell your home? We’ve got a few tips for you on how to sell your home faster and with more profit while spending wisely on home improvements. 

Analyze Your Flooring

One of the most important repairs to make before selling your home is to fix damaged flooring. Before you make the decision to remove and replace your flooring, truly analyze your flooring. Nothing is more unappealing in a walk-through than scratched-up wood floors, ratty and outdated carpet or tired linoleum. 

Moving is a hassle enough. Buyers don’t want to deal with replacing carpet. You can quickly increase the value of your home by installing new flooring.  

Flooring is the Cornerstone

Home interior design begins with the floor, acting as a blank canvas to help you determine every design decision made moving forward. Flooring sets the tone for the entire home and is one of the first things a potential buyer notices. It’s essential to make a good first impression. 

With the housing market not quite as competitive as it has been in the most recent months, there is a lot to consider when you are planning to put your home on the market and make the fastest and best sale. You can’t go wrong with upgrading the surfaces of your home with a neutral tone to appeal to as many people as possible. 

Choose What’s Trending

Just as it is important to choose the right type of floor for the different spaces in your home, you need to follow some practical design tips if you want to get the most return on your investment.

Replace Old Carpet

If your carpet looks worn or stained or just dated in terms of color or style, you’ll want to replace it with a new floor surface. Buyers are going to take one look at it and know that they are going to have to replace it in the near future — maybe even before they move it. Save them the trouble and increase the chance they’ll make a better offer by tearing out the carpet and replacing it with something timeless in design and durable in material.

Carpet in the bedroom is often expected by a buyer. Replacing the carpet in bedrooms is a huge upgrade and can add value to your home quickly. Updating the carpet in the bedrooms is an easy way to quickly add value to your home. Buyers can be deterred from potentially large stains covered by the strategic placement of a bed or large dresser. 

Outside of the bedroom, carpet is not usually attractive to buyers. If your living room, media room or other common area has carpet, you should consider replacing it with a luxury vinyl type of flooring. Luxury vinyl is growing in popularity among homeowners looking to update their flooring. It is an incredibly durable and functional flooring choice for houses. 

Upgrade Your Vinyl

The benefit of luxury vinyl is that this type of flooring comes in almost every type of style there is including patterns and looks of hardwood and tile styles. It is a very versatile type of flooring. 

Many kitchens and bathrooms from the 80s and 90s still have sheet vinyl. By now, it will be worn and stained and won’t help you sell your house for the price you would like. There’s no need to abandon the comfort and convenience of vinyl flooring. Switch to vinyl planks for an instant upgrade to your home. 

Maximize Your Profit

Replacing your old flooring before selling will improve the look of your home but also increase its resale value. Scuffed flooring or peeling laminate is a huge turn-off to potential buyers — especially in high-traffic areas. 

Refloor to Sell for More

You have little control over the location of your home or the current housing market, but you do have control over how you present your home to potential buyers. New floors can quickly boost the return on the investment of new flooring or ROI. 

Make sure you choose floors that make sense for the room you are intending to install them. Looks matter when it comes to floors but so does everyday use. Our team at Carpet Weaver’s can help you recognize what is trending and the best options to sell your home fast for the best profit.  

Contact us today to maximize your budget and refloor and sell your home for more. 

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