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Holiday Decor Inspiration

Over the past weeks, I have been adding a touch of holiday to our showrooms. Many times when clients and customers are in our showrooms, they stop to chat about what I am doing. They ask, “How do you do that? I wish I could make my home look like your showroom. Along with my request, may I watch your process?” 

So often, decorating for the holidays can easily overwhelm us. Many of us think we need all new decorations, filling every space with ribbons, bows, and glittery branches. Many times, we have all the props needed, they just may be stored separately. 

Here are a few photos of my holiday highlights that may inspire your decorating. I hope they help ignite your inner holiday glow.

A wreath can make an easy and impactful addition to any dining room table. Clustering candle sticks of various heights while playing off the fresh white and silver touches of winter are just some ways to spruce up your entertainment space for the holidays. Highlighting the white taller vases with white ceramic doves are a perfect showcase within the vases. Glass ornaments, small fruits, pine cones, rosemary and evergreen sprigs, or decorative holiday cookies are other great options! The taller white ceramic vases can be simple sculptural pieces or can help elevate the look of holiday items. 

Another fantastic use of the ceramic vases is to fill them with sprigs of seasonal flowers, beading, or decor. Truly, less is more when using similar color tones that also have a touch of holiday silver. There is no perfect way to place in the vase, free flowing movement of the warm holiday colors is perfect! 

At Carpet Weavers, we have candle sticks in many shades, colors, and heights around our showrooms. When selecting candles, use a white or cream color rather than a seasonal red or green. The design over color will allow creative use throughout the year and not just for a few weeks. Besides candles, a quick addition of some holiday trim turns your table ready for family gatherings. Two design components are key in this transformation for the holiday season. First, a spring of tiny red berries is wrapped around the candle base, looping the straight end into the colorful bouquet. Next, gently space out the berries around all sides. Last, the bow is a simple tie loop, using a single long piece of ribbon with a wire edge. Use a ribbon no wider than 2 inches when using a candlestick of this size. 

Here is another example of a full gift display. The simply wrapped, red buffalo plaid boxes are your key props. Their versatility is endless. Placing wrapped boxes of multiple sizes into your bookcase allows a hint of holiday without looking overwhelming. So many items around your home can be perfectly wrapped festive details, such as books, boxed matches, cracker boxes, tissue boxes, large notepads, and more. And adding a cluster of candles of different heights on your mantle will create that perfect holiday focal point. 

Incorporate ornaments in your holiday gift boxes! Clustered together, they provide a wow impact and take up unique space instead of hanging from the tree. Not only are the boxes adorned with ornaments that are already beautiful accessories, but the ornaments could also easily fill a deep, wide vase, a glass bowl, or your favorite wooden salad bowl. 

Have an idea for a redesign within your space? Send over a photo for inspiration and I would be happy to share some concepts and insight. Relax and enjoy, that’s what the holiday should be!  

 – Michael Ujcich, Carpet Weaver’s Corporate Retail Merchandiser and Design Consultant  

You’ll see Michael’s work throughout our Carpet Weaver’s showrooms as he has been instrumental in designing our showroom floors, to include our stunning accessory displays.

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