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Top Timeless Dining Room Trends of 2022

What has been the theme of dining room trends in 2022? It’s functionality, which might be shocking as the dining room has always been seen as a space of sophistication. Over the last few years, dining room trends have changed dramatically with the increased need for privacy as dining rooms have now doubled as work from home offices. While dining rooms still are a space for entertainment, they are now requiring a sense of practicality. Here are some tips on how to stay on top of the 2022 trends with design features that will stand the test of time, keeping your space looking great in years to come.

  1. Make the Most of Multifunctionality 

With the emphasis on hybrid working, there has been an increased demand in ensuring that home spaces meet living and working needs. The dining room has become the space commonly transformed into a workspace. Layout is important if your table also functions as a computer table or if you are in need of multiple outlets. 

Another important aspect is making sure your seating is comfortable enough for work from home and entertainment. Forget the concept of an uncomfortable corporate desk chair when you choose something that is stylish, yet designed for efficiency and comfort. 

  1. Casual Tablescaping

As we have expected the unexpected from dining rooms now doubling as offices, we too see unpredictability with tablescaping. Normally, setting and decorating a dining table used to be exclusively for formal gatherings, but now, chic dining table decor is becoming common for more casual entertainment. 

Don’t be afraid to match anything as tablescaping has no set rules! More is more with accessories and layering table linens that add color and dimension. Other widely used pieces are colored wicker table mats to add texture, vases with flowers or tall vases with branches. Selecting colorful plates can also help add life to your space. Carpet Weaver’s has an amazing selection of accessories perfect for tablescaping!

At Carpet Weavers, our selection of dining tables and chairs can help you meet multifunctionality with style. Our Bellhaven and Coming Home dining sets are the perfect addition to your dining room at an affordable price! No matter if you want your dining room ready for the holidays or to ring in the new year, we can help you find the perfect pieces with our amazing in-stock selection.

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